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TRANSKAP is an end-to-end risk management and capital optimisation software system developed and implemented by MBE. TRANSKAP was created in response to the growing awareness of the need for data transparency in the financial services sector – both for regulatory compliance and capital planning purposes.  In short, TRANSKAP reads in a list of funds and returns complete look-through asset data on those funds. 

Output includes Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) calculations and various other risk and reporting metrics to help users understand the true risk profile of their business. 

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Who can benefit from using TRANSKAP?

TRANSKAP was originally developed to assist insurance companies meet the look-through data requirement of Solvency II.  As the system – and the industry – has evolved, we see that it is also increasingly useful to the asset management companies with whom the insurers invest.  

Generally, as there is more cooperation in the market, as well as a greater emphasis placed on risk management for the sake of adding value (and not just to tick regulatory boxes), we have found applications for TRANSKAP in any business that has large volumes of opaque asset data on its books.

Read this case study which describes how TRANSKAP helped the valuation team of an insurance company cut their reporting times and uncover their true risk profile. Or, for a more interactive view of the industry challenges TRANSKAP addresses, please click through the presentation below.  



How does TRANSKAP work?

Fund Overview

The Database 

Run Set Management

Asset Allocation/Currency Exposure Dashboard

Assumption Management

To see the system in action, please explore our Solvency II Capital Calculator, a free MBE tool, powered by TRANSKAP, which demonstrates the insights to be gained from look-through data for a sample of funds.

For a customised system demonstration, or for more information on TRANSKAP and how it can add value to your business, please contact us.