IFRS Assess

IFRS 17 Modelling and Simulation Tool

How can IFRS Assess help you?

IFRS Assess is MBE’s new modelling and simulation tool aimed at helping clients understand the impact of IFRS 17 on their business.

The spreadsheet-based, fully customisable tool can be configured for both the General Model and Variable Fee approaches and provides valuable insights to teams affected by the impending regulatory changes by:

  • Demonstrating how the emergence of profits is likely to differ between IFRS 4 and IFRS 17 for positions net and gross of reinsurance.
  • Comparing the impact of IFRS 17 on profit cashflows and the present value of future profits between groups of model points, scenarios and assumptions.
  • Assessing the likely impact of using a fair value versus a modified retrospective approach to calculate the contractual service margin.
  • Modelling multiple contractual service margin run-off methods.
  • Evaluating alternative risk adjustment calculations.

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Fair Value & Profit Cashflow Comparisons


IFRS Assess can be used for:

  • Educational purposes - explain why and how the emergence of profits will look different after 2021 when training the team or seeking budget approval for IFRS 17 projects.
  • Scenario testing - test the impact of different scenarios and assumptions, and investigate how profit release varies depending on model point grouping.
  • Reporting processes – run the tool as a complete and transparent valuation model.


Compare groups of model points, scenarios and assumptions under IFRS 4 and IFRS 17   Analyse the emergence of IFRS 17 profit cashflows
Compare Groups   Proft Emergence

To access IFRS Assess, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Rachel Long, MBE's IFRS 17 Lead, or get in touch via the links at the bottom of the page.