Meet the MBE Team


The MBE family is a passionate, innovative and highly qualified team, who inspire one another to add value to every project and contribute to the approachable and visionary culture that is so integral to MBE. In the segments below they share snippets of their insights and personalities in our series of 60 seconds interviews.


Julia Jackson

60 Seconds with... Julia

Meet Julia Jackson, Executive Assistant at MBE. She anticipates what others need before they ask, and relaxes with Yoga and a glass of Prosecco.

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Kristina Leo

60 Seconds with... Kristina

Meet Kristina Leo, Finance Analyst at MBE. Whilst ensuring that the financial activities of MBE run smoothly, she still finds time to enjoy a home-cooked meal and relax with the family. Oh, and if anybody asks she's an 'ESTJ'!

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Andries Beukes

60 Seconds with... Andries

Meet Andries Beukes, Director of Actuarial & Risk Management at MBE. From the days of his fudge empire to the creation of MBE, the entrepreneurial spirit has remained and continues to drive MBE forward. This is second only to his passion for action films and Jason Bourne!

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Pamela Hellig

60 Seconds with... Pamela

Meet Pamela Hellig, Senior Actuarial Manager at MBE. After multiple article publications we believe she is already famous in her own right, but just wait for when she publishes her first book! If you're asking, hers is a milo and banana milkshake...or a malted chocolate shake...or a Belgian chocolate milk (Spot the trend!).

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Tosca-Louise Van Zyl

60 Seconds with... Tosca-Louise

Meet Tosca-Louise Van Zyl, Senior Actuarial Manager at MBE. When she is not busy with actuarial monthly and quarterly reports, Tripartite Template files and diversified SCR  calculations, she spoils us in the office with beautiful and delicious homemade cakes. Watch out Great British Bake Off!

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Rachel Long

60 Seconds with... Rachel

Meet Rachel Long, Associate Director at MBE.  With a motto of "Keep calm and carry on" and an anthem of "Born in the USA", she is well equipped to assist clients in a variety of areas, from regulatory implementation to product development. 

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Nico Louw

60 Seconds with... Nico

Meet Nico Louw, Senior Actuarial Manager at MBE. Long-term sustainability of solutions and cutting through the corporate red tape surrounding risk management and operational processes are 2 of his work life passions. And when not doing this you will find him either running, gaming or training his pet hamster!

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Tim Williams

60 Seconds with... Tim Williams

Meet Tim Williams, Actuarial Analyst at MBE. A passion for investigating and resolving issues, and a desire to simplify design methodologies are just two of the many attributes that Tim brings to the MBE team. In an alternative reality Tim would be reviving the fortunes of his beloved West Indies cricket team. Let's hope he continues to knock our client's projects for six!

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Luca Rossetti

60 Seconds with... Luca

Meet Luca Rossetti, Director of MBE Italy.  When he's not living la dolce vita of long walks with his family and sipping fine Italian wine, he brings MBE's values of innovative thinking and value-add to clients in Italy and beyond.

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Shaun Lawton

60 Seconds with... Shaun

Meet Shaun Lawton, Director of MBE South Africa.  What do you get when you combine a passion for fast cars with a passion for progress?  An accelerated journey to becoming an innovative and value-adding business partner to South African clients.

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Vibeke Edvardsen

60 Seconds with... Vibeke

Meet Vibeke Edvardsen, Director of Operational Excellence at MBE, and horse-riding fanatic. Through MBE she hopes to encourage everyone to dream big, with nothing being impossible.

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Christo Muller

60 Seconds with... Christo

Meet Christo Müller, Director of Technology Solutions at MBE and part-time motorbike adventurer. With a passion for continuous innovation, and a desire to build a successful business that takes great care of everyone that is a part of it. 

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Dan Farr

60 Seconds with... Dan

Meet Dan Farr, Senior Actuarial Systems Manager at MBE. Whilst he is busy preparing for his wedding, he is also engaged with developing new functionality in our TRANSKAP software. Let's just hope he doesn't forget that suncream on his wedding day! 

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Ben Herrett

60 Seconds with... Ben

Meet Ben Herrett, Director of Sales & Marketing at MBE. When he's not accidentally evacuating his local M&S store, Ben keeps his finger on the pulse of all potential and current MBE projects around the world. 

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